Friday, 2 August 2013

Tips to Become a Personal Class in Everyday Life

Have we ever seen someone with a respected personality and very interesting? Whether it's a public figure, a teacher at school, a senior in college, or even our own friends? Seeing someone like this we will feel that this person has a classy personality. So how to we, the people who feel ordinary class could have a personality? Consider the following tips, which is a list of things that just do the ones with a classy personality. Not everyone knows these simple tips!

1. Classy people have the ability to Responsible.

If we want to be a classy person, we should really learn about responsibility. Classy people always ready to take responsibility for themselves. Never blame others and do not blame circumstances. And sometimes they accept responsibility for things outside their control such as the mistakes made by others. It is certainly not easy, but this is a classy way of looking at a problem. There's more other things, we do not just have to accept responsibility, but should make it look easy. If you feel like doing this troublesome class, we had to hide it somehow hassles.

2. Classy people never complain, criticize, condemn, etc..

Begin to commit ourselves, do not criticize, do not complain, do not be cursed, just do not, period. Why? The answer can we ask ourselves, are we glad to hear other people complaining? people who can only criticize? What we love the people who say rude to others? the answer is obvious.

3. Classy person can control his emotions.

A psychologist William James wrote "Action seems to follow feeling, but really action and feeling occur together; by regulating the action, then we can indirectly regulate the feeling." In other words, if we act calm, then we will be a feeling of calm. This is helpful when we face an unpleasant situation, for example when we are emotional or agitated, try to be calm. And miraculously, the feeling will be quiet followed.

4. Classy people have the ability to listen.

Of various communication skills, listening is one of the important skills. Unfortunately, not everyone has good listening skills. Some people prefer to dominate the conversation and would rather listen to some half-hearted. Classy people have good listening skills. They can listen attentively so that other people feel happy to interact with them. For more details, can be seen again earlier post about Tips to Become a Good Listener.

5. Additional points owned by the class.

The following principles can help us become a better person. If we think of it, most of the additional points below must belong to the class of people we know. What are they?

    Show a sense of respect for others, even if it is someone who is not favored. Never tell someone that he is wrong, he is an unpleasant person, and so on.
    If we make a mistake, admit it was a mistake as soon as possible with the firm.
    In the converse, let someone else talk much.
    In the converse, let the other person feel that the idea was his idea.
    In argument, to get the best - avoid.

6. Conclusion

There are many tips that actually I can and love it if only for their own use. Because the other tips I will definitely share also in other occasions.

In conclusion, by applying the above points certainly will not instantly conjure us to be a class act. But at least the above tips can surely make us a better person and a step closer to being a class act

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