Friday, 2 August 2013

Control your anger!!!

Create human in different gods other creatures, humans are given a feeling / heart / mind and should be able to manage it wisely. One is emotional control. Humans, we think. We can not live alone without the help of others. In society.
The human nature (Sense EMOTIONS / SAD) are formed during the process of human social experience in her life, nature, attitudes and human behavior is formed by several things: Family, Community around, Religion, Culture, and many others.
How to Control Emotions or Angry
We all have a sense of emotional / angry, some people can not control their emotions / anger to vent, but there is a different person, he was able to control his anger. I will try to provide an important record in controlling emotional / angry:

    We must understand why YOU angry and looking for a solution then why Cold??
    The better you understand yourself, then you will be the better able to control your anger. Anger is just a warning light. This is not your real problem. Because anger / emotion various kinds, no emotion when the job! there are also emotions in the household, there are emotional promiscuity? frustrating because there are emotions and so on.
    We usually get angry because we feel threatened. Seemed like a cornered animal. It could also come when our self-esteem is attacked, when we are embarrassed, or when we are criticized. When Change your position, by walk - the road to a place that makes you fresh, while doing moderate exercise like stretching / jump jump so the negative feelings inside can be eased. The main one is the breath and exhale.
    Stop and think before you react.
    Focus your mind, before you talk to much in a tirade. Because often, when a person is angry, uncontrollable mouth to speak much before before we think calm. a word to the wise: "Intelligent people think before they speak.". anger (emotion) comes with an easy, positive thinking and calm is the key to anger management. you need to learn to delay your response (patient).

    Thomas Jefferson once said, "If you're angry, count to 10. If you are very angry, count to 100 "And during the time that you want to ask yourself three questions. Why am I angry? Am I afraid of? Am I sick? Is I was frustrated? What is the real problem here?
    STOP!! lose a sense of desire to take revenge when emotions come from someone. With a grudges what you want will not be achieved, even, usually takes you further away from what you want.
    You may think you can not blow up the emotions, but you can! Anger is a choice. You get angry because you want to get angry. It feels good to get angry. You respond to how you choose to respond. Because you have a choice, choose to wait before reacting!
    Trying to keep and Learning Relax.
    A word to the wise "" relaxed attitude prolong human life. "", When you are enveloped with emotions / anger, learn to calm down (relax). Relax can you get with a lie, or you do a movement like exercise lompat2, and Develop a sense of humor.
    Pray To God.Yang most important, you need God's help to deal with anger. Ask him to give love, joy, peace, and patience. Anger is only a warning light for a deeper problem - whether it's frustration, insecurity, or something else. Because God wants to show you something through your current problem.

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